life is beautiful

by Anderson Ragan

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written between 2015 and 2016
recorded on my laptop in various bedrooms i inhabited at the time


released December 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Anderson Ragan North Carolina

lord churvel

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Track Name: slowdance
put the phone in the freezer so you can't hear it ring
wait at the stop sign for it to turn green
i'm reading some shakespeare alone in my room
deciding if i'll get up anytime soon

i wanna slow down

time to make untimely decisions
live and make lively visions
we scream out anthems, say we're scraping by
in oceans of flowers we're just bugs and flies
a rose: our bed & breakfast like the sun itself
i'm the son of a son of a son of someone else

right hand flashing at 99
i'll avoid a crowd to find my light
i wanna slow down
Track Name: angela martin & my obsession with accounting
revisiting our youth
maybe our ideas weren't so juvenile
arbitrary exercise
ignorance laments all the while

the arrogance to have self-confidence
Track Name: loopy landscapes
late at night when i am feeling my worst
i will lie in the street and let the road keep me warm

your fist on the door like a battering ram
i remember the way that you knocked
but if you knew me at all you wouldn't hit so hard
cause you know i leave it unlocked
Track Name: mac demarco sucks
i put on the same shirt as yesterday
no one here i want to impress
after all i don't need your approval
above all i like how i dress

i got people to talk to but they don't talk to me
i got places to walk to but you won't walk with me

it's always on my mind
if i get out of bed i'll check the mail
i can't wake up this time
i left your letters out and they got stale
Track Name: buddha
everyone is crying except me
look at how happy i can be

you used to be strong
you used to reach for more
maybe this is me getting stronger
the years are getting short
and the nights are getting longer

its cold in this house
like porcelain tiles
you bled me out
and left me to die all alone
in a museum of fine arts in boston
the cigarettes you left on the table
buddha lies and tells you a fable
of hot air balloons made out of stone
i wish i was stone
Track Name: august
in my room on a wednesday evening
packing up everything i own
august, i didn't want this

if the past recedes, i can only hope for one thing

i waited eight months now i'm moving out
i wasted eight months now i'm losing doubt
Track Name: @god
jesus was a feminist
he wasn't very white
everyone is arguing
they all claim to be right

match sticks on fire
don't smoke that in my house
everyone is certain
but i still have my doubts

i don't wanna be wrong

step out of your cave
give me all that you can
you're a burn on the roof of my mouth
it feels likes sand

try a new size
but i doubt it will fit
so start up your car
and drive to forget
Track Name: good & plenty
i dreamt of her again
only this time the apology would last
we embraced as we once had
forgetting our own rocky past
now I’m holding on to my memory
visions, illusions, its all i can get
but its for the best, i promise you
cause you can’t miss what you forget

turn another page,
i’m writing a book you’ll never read
between the lines we sat
it’s fuzzy, it’s slow, its just what i need
Track Name: rutherford muckinfuss
why do i want to get more out of each day
and everytime it comes why does it never stay
what did you think of me when you walked out
cause now i don't think that we'll talk this out

sometimes when i'm with them there is a god
but most days she's deaf so they end up in sod
every tree that grew in your yard is random at best
any chance of uniqueness is soon laid to rest

waiting for life to begin or restart
Track Name: sticks turtleton
bring me back to life
haven't felt alright
since i left your house

bleed my fingers dry
to match my eyes
rotten and useless

i'm not what you thought
it's not what you think
you can leave me to drown
in the kitchen sink
i've been rewalking paths
for some clarity
but as the sun sets
you sleep without me

i feel so bad
what was i thinking?
i guess i was right
it should be me by your side
Track Name: exeunt
have a heart
i have half a brain
i haven't felt fine
in a year without rain